Aberfoyle Park Primary School Campus


There are a number of shared buildings on the Campus. The large Gymnasium supports the cross Campus Physical Education programme, ensuring that all students from reception through to year seven receive a regular PE curriculum.

Our Campus Hall (The Geoff Simpson Hall) is where Thiele Assemblies are held. It is also the place where Early Intervention takes place for a number of students from across the Campus. Performances are held by visiting artists and performers in this building. The Out Of School Hours Care programme and Vacation Care also operate from this Hall.


There is basically one school uniform across the Campus which only differs slightly. Thiele year seven students are permitted to include black pants as part of their uniform as they are most likely to move to Aberfoyle Park High School where this is part of the school uniform.

Year sevens also receive a Year 7 windcheater which has their school name and a list of year 7 students.

Sports Teams

There are many after school Campus Sports Teams. These teams are made up of students from each of the three schools and so it is not possible to play for your individual school, but instead students are able to play for a Campus Team. There are approximately 95 to 100 after school teams ranging from year 3 to year 7, covering a wide range of sports. Students also participate in SAPSASA Carnivals throughout the year and compete in different events as opportunities arise.

Working Together Across The Campus

Many classroom teachers choose to meet and plan together both in the school and across the Campus. Year six and seven classes from the three schools are involved in Monday Dance / Aerobics on a weekly basis, while other classes combine for specific performances, areas of the curriculum and group work. Teachers meet twice a term to share ideas and to participate in joint professional development activities.