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Year 6/7 Aquatic Program

Year 6 and 7 students participate in the Primary Aquatics Program each year to provide them with a variety of aquatic activities. This program allows students to develop and apply their skills in specialized aquatics activities. Through participation it allows students to gain an understanding of the benefits of outdoor physical activity.

Strengths that the students gain include:

A highlight of the Year 6 and 7 Aquatics Program is that students have the opportunity to apply the skills they have learned in the R-5 Swimming Program in real-life situations and continue their learning of water safety in the environment of the beach.

Campus Sport

Thiele Primary School students along with students from Nativity and Pilgrim Schools combine to participate in Campus Sport throughout the year. Students are able to participate in these sports in the year they turn 8.

Sports such as cricket, basketball, soccer, football, netball and pedal prix are offered to students and are operated by a group of dedicated parents according to the number of interested students. These sports are played on Saturday mornings with the exception of basketball which is played after school during the week.

There is a registration fee for each sport played by each student which covers the cost of registration, repair/replacement/maintenance of grounds/uniforms/equipment and awards at the end of the season.

We also offer non-competitive sport such as Have a Go, Kanga Cricket, Auskick, ReadyNetGo for Reception to Year 2 students to develop skills and encourage participation.

Registration and expression of interest for these sports are managed by Bianca Henderson though the Campus Office


Year 6/7 Canberra Camp

Biannually, Thiele Year 6 and 7 students are encouraged to participate in the Canberra Camp. The purpose of this camp links to the Australian Curriculum, Civics and Citizenship. It enables students to recognise the connection between the roles, structures and functions of our political system.

Through the participation of this camp, students gain a greater understanding about the role of Canberra and develop a pride in our National Heritage and the Australian way of life through:-

The highlight of the trip is the satisfaction of knowing that all students are given the opportunity to gain an invaluable experience and increased knowledge about our national capital, Canberra

The Canberra trip is a fantastic learning experience for all students and staff.


Junior Choir:- Students in Year 3 and 4 may elect to participate in Junior Choir. This program operates on a weekly basis and is taken by Rachel Baverstock and Ally Cunningham.

Senior Choir:- Students in Years 5 -7 may elect to participate in Senior Choir. 17 students are selected to perform in the Festival of Music Performance at the Festival Theatre in September as well as audition for a position as soloist, troupe or MC.

Students will also have the opportunity to perform in the Southern Music Festival at the Hopgood Theatre in term 4. This program operates on a weekly basis and is taken by Rachel Baverstock and Ally Cunningham.

Instumental Music

Year 2 students have the opportunity to learn the recorder and Year 3-7 students have the opportunity to learn voice, brass, woodwind, keyboard, guitar, strings or percussion instrument. These lessons are provided by either the Department for Education or private providers. Instruments are either purchased or hired by the student’s families through Bianca Henderson via the Campus Office or Ally Cunningham.

Students who participate in music tuition have the opportunity to perform in the Performing Arts Night in Term 2 and when they have had experience playing an instrument they may audition for the Performing Arts Showcase in Term 3 and have the opportunity to participate in Band.

Registration for these programs are though the Campus Office.


The library is an important part of our student’s lifelong learning and achievement and is well equipped with books and IT resources including laptops, interactive TV, Lego WeDo, Blue Bots, green screen and 3D printers. The friendly library staff are available before and after school for borrowing and the library is open at lunch times for students to access lunchtime programs of Maker Space, board games and/or reading.

All classes access the library for browsing and borrowing and it is important that all books are returned when they are due to avoid overdue notes and restrictions on borrowing. We have a well-stocked collection of fiction and non-fiction books which are linked to Literacy Pro, Lexile levels to support student engagement in reading and access to books of interest to them as well as e-books which may be accessed at home.

Hajnalka Molloy, our teacher librarian works collaboratively with classroom teachers to plan and work with staff throughout the day to support classroom programs through inquiry and resource based learning to develop the skills of accessing and using information from a range of sources promoting independent lifelong student initiated learning. These using 3D printing, Blue Bots, Lego WeDo, green screen technologies to apply and showcase their learning.

Steps developed in the inquiry process are:-

The Premier’s Reading Challenge is offered to all students from Reception to Year 7. Students are encouraged to be involved in this program and receive their award each year for reading 12 books at their level before September. More information is available at www.prc.sa.edu.au

Parents are welcome to browse and borrow with their child/ren before and after school and are welcome to volunteer and access the parent section of our library resources.

Pedal Prix

Year 6 and 7 students have the opportunity to participate in the Aberfoyle Park Campus Pedal Prix Program. This program consists of two 6-hour races held at Victoria Park and a 24-hour race held at Murray Bridge. Aberfoyle Park Primary School Campus has a proud history of involvement with the Pedal Prix programme. The Campus has a dedicated team of parents and staff who contribute to the construction and maintenance of the trikes and student training.

R - 5 Swimming

R - 5 students participate in swimming lessons at Noarlunga Aquatics Centre every year. The students are transported to the Noarlunga Aquatic Centre daily for one week by buses and instruction is given by qualified swimming instructors. This is an important part of our Physical Education program and is an important part of water safety for all students.










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