intervention programs

Respect Achievement Integrity Sustainability

A number of intervention programs are embedded at Thiele Primary School to promote growth for all of our students. Identified, targeted support is given through engagement in Reading Doctor, Spelling Mastery, MiniLit and MacqLit.

Through small group instruction, core literacy skills are explicitly taught to address the needs of students who require intervention to keep up with the demands of the school curriculum.

Participation in these targeted intervention programs has seen our students achieve growth both academically and emotionally through positive and successful attainment of key literacy concepts.

All students from Reception to Year 6 participate in Reading Instruction Groups with a teacher or an SSO (School Support Officer).  Our aim is for every student to read to an adult for fifteen minutes, four times a week.

Students develop confidence and feel success as they learn the concepts that they require to develop their literacy skills in a positive and safe setting.