Our Staff

Respect Achievement Integrity Sustainability


Sharon Willoughby Principal 
Lisa Horton Deputy Principal

Teaching Staff

Tracey Collins Rec
Chloe Menton Rec / Year 1
Caitlin Slevec Year 2
Chris Gent Year 3/4
Simon Reeves Year 3/4
Aaron Sharp Year 3/4, Intervention Teacher and Reading Coach
Lauren Hood Year 5/6 and Autism Inclusion Teacher
Carly Nash Year 5/6
Ashlee Murray Year 5/6


Specialist Teaching Staff

Ashlee Murray Science (Rec/Year 1, Year 5/6)
Jane Whitehead Science (Year 3/4) and PE (Rec/Year 1)
Ally Cunningham Campus Music (Year 4-6) / Performing Arts
Kirsty Gray Japanese
Brett Middleton Sports Coordinator / Campus PE (2-6)
Helen Nicholas Choir (Year 5/6) / Music (Rec)


James Coussins Library Administrator
Lois Watson
Library Administrator

School Admin

Bianca Henderson Campus Administrator


School Support Officers

Jo Hicks Business Manager
Samantha Webb
Jane Dye WHS /
School Support Officer
Alana Martin Administration / School Support Officer
Amanda McInnes
Administration / School Support Officer
Cheryl White
School Support Officer
Deb Sears
School Support Officer
Emma Carney
School Support Officer
Roslyn Schmarewski
Pastoral Support Worker
Simon Wilson Aboriginal
Community Education Officer



Mick Chuck Groundsman
Derrick Simpson Groundsman