About Our School

Respect Achievement Integrity Sustainability

Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to Thiele Primary School. Thiele Primary School, is one of three schools on the Aberfoyle Park Primary School Campus. Our goal is to ensure that our students become independent, lifelong learners who are productive, well-informed citizens. We provide a range of excellent facilities, programs and opportunities for all students to achieve in a positive environment fostering growth mindset where students learn within our core values of Respect, Achievement, Integrity and Sustainability.

Students are the centre of everything we do. Our dedicated teaching staff, supportive administrative team and learning support personnel work together to achieve improve learning outcomes for all students. We have a strong sense of community as we work within our unique community of Campus and extend into the wider community of Aberfoyle Park and the Onkaparinga Council.

Through the use of specialist programs, dedicated teachers and the use of technological tools our students from Reception to Year 6, learn to make sense of the ever-expanding network of information as they inquire, explore and interpret a wide range of literature providing them a rich understanding of the world around them.

To help all students achieve, I encourage all families to be part of their children’s learning experiences in our learning community. Through the collaboration of staff, students and families we aspire to continue to strengthen our partnership of home and school to ensure our goal is achieved.

We look forward to working with you and your children.

Sharon Willoughby

Appointments for Principal Tours can be booked by contacting the Thiele Front Office via phone or email:
Ph: 8470 4222
E: dl.1664.info@schools.sa.edu.au 

Our School Mission, Vision & Values

  • Providing all students with opportunities to learn in all eight areas of study
  • Providing all students with opportunities to develop sequential skills in Information Technology and Computing
  • Providing all students with a safe and protected environment in which to work and learn
  • All forms of harassment will be addressed according to the Student Behaviour Management Policy
  • Protective Education will be both programmed for and taught incidentally in all classes
  • Providing all parents and caregivers opportunity to share in the partnership of their children’s learning
  • Ensuring that the parents, students and staff members who are affected by decisions are consulted before decisions are made; where this is not possible all are informed fully of the basis for the decision.


Learning with respect, achievement, integrity, and sustainability.


Thiele Primary School will work to ensure that our students become independent lifelong learners who are productive and well informed community members and citizens.



Showing that we can look after ourselves, our environment and others.  This includes taking care of our belongings and the equipment we use in the environment where we work, play and live. It also means that we care about our learning, believing that we can do our best.


Appreciating and respecting the diversity of views and values that influence sustainable. The ability to meet the needs of the present without compromising the future generations to meet their needs.


With effort you can accomplish success and the realisation that learning is lifelong and can be accomplished in many forms. Achievement is accumulative over a period of time. It also means that we care about our learning, believing that we can do our best.


Having strong, consistent moral principles that you refuse to change. It is having an honesty and truthfulness in your actions even when no one is watching. It is not one single action but is ongoing in everything you do. It means doing the right thing even though it may be hard, sharing your feelings and always being responsible for your actions.