Respect Achievement Integrity Sustainability

The Physical Education program is a highlight of Thiele Primary School. Students attend one weekly PE lesson and have access to a range of fantastic facilities, an indoor gymnasium with a projector, COLA (Covered Outdoor Learning Area) and three ovals.

Our comprehensive program is taught through a thematic curriculum that teaches transferable skills across the four key game categories; Striking and Fielding, Invasion, Net/court and Target. Junior Primary classes enjoy exploring fundamental movement skills through a variety of mini and modified games with simple rule systems. Gymnastics, balance and coordination activities are explored through our perceptual movement program.

Middle Primary classes continue to strength their performance of fundamental movement skills through small sided games. A game sense approach is used to maximise learning opportunities and to support transferable skills.

Smart Movers: Smart movers is a physical intervention program designed to develop and increase students’ abilities and competence in balance, eye tracking, fitness and locomotion skills. This program is offered to selected Reception – 2 students who would benefit from participating in the Smart movers program. The program is designed to develop children’s perception, through multiple perceptual movement stations, directed by an SSO/ESO and teacher. The program is viewed as a preventative and a holistic approach to developing transferable and lifelong skills that will enhance their confidence. 

The Thiele Primary School is committed to delivering the highest quality of sporting opportunities and is dedicated to providing opportunities that increase participation for students. Team integration and cooperation is a special feature of the PE program and can be seen in a wide variety of sporting opportunities.